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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


To finalize what parents want empowers their knowledge.
To realize what children need enriches parents wisdom.
                                                                         - Hazel Shirley -

You will be called as 'wonderful parents'not because you gave
birth to cute kids....but by the way you raise them well with,
responsibility to make them contribute their best assets to 
their society, they live in.

'Time management punctuality and self-discipline are the prime
 concepts that should be taught to children by their respective 
 parents with love and concern to cherish their life.'

7.Stress relieving tips to attract children's heart:

1.Games and play activities :
   It is the first priority that a child would carve for to relieve oneself
   from stress.Unknowingly a child would prefer to draw his attention
   towards his favorite toys and play materials.Creative,innovative,
   artistic,entertaining in-door and out-door games attract every child.
   It is a known fact,that active participation in games make one 
   happy and healthy both physically,mentally.Even the loving
   challenged kids are focused to develop their  abilities and 
   knowledge through toys and games.

2. Delicious attractive food :
   Nutritious diet is the best stress reliever for healthy living.Children
   only would prefer delicious, attractive food to eat happily for their
   strength.They often neglect to complete their meals if it is not 
   pleasing to them.It is always advisable to teach them good eating
   habits with discipline under proper guidance and loving instructions. 

3.Pleasant sleep:
   Children always prefer to sleep well with out distraction,fear with
   their loving parents narrating them,wonderful stories showing them
   all the considered pictures with the help of the book.Choosing 
   stories with moral values are worthy.6-8 hours of sleep relaxes..
   and reactivates their energy to blast for the next day.It relieves them
   from every stress factor.Therefore,encourage them to develop 
   good sleeping habits.

4.Words of affection :
   The beautiful way to deal with wonderful children to express your 
   feelings of love towards them is through your affectionate words.
   They need parents patting,hugs,kisses,appreciation and confidence.
   Good counselling helps them to understand the importance of life.

5. Stylish clothes and accessories:
   Enthusiasm erupts, when one gets his/her interesting outfits and 
   accessories.It relieves one from stress and enables them to mingle
   around with their peer group to share their feelings of happiness. It 
   helps them to emphasis on their standard of living with style which
   is common in children.It enables children to feel happy, that in turn 
   helps them to relieve from stress.Encourage children to speak truth,
   and to be sincere towards loving friends.

6.Creative and innovative education :
   Children often get confused and scared due to learning by heart
   procedure in given time,that cause stress.Abusive language,harsh 
   words,punishments,manhandling creates, immense fear which 
   reflects on the exposure of negative emotions, that cause stress.
   Practical,demonstrative,innovative and interactive teaching 
   methods enable children to learn the concepts well,and helps to 
   apply their acquired knowledge in their real life.It  relieves  them 
    from stress and helps to encourage their abilities.

7.Associating with friends :
    Children find delight to meet their friends and share their feelings
    regarding all aspects,which helps them to relieve from stress.
    Playing,sharing,dining together helps to understand one and 
    another.Therefore,avoid restrictions as they develop socialization
    too which enables one to lead a healthy life in the society.

    'It is no profit to have learned well,
     if you neglect to do well.'  -Publilius Syrus -

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