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Friday, 29 June 2012


This post is not definitely to those parents who take care of their
children well and strictly condemn child abuse.

Most criminal act- where law is unable to act is manhandling
children at home, by their most loving parents.It is from my 
heart to all those parents who accept,that they have done 
this fault and would like to change their thoughts.

Just think about this to make your healthy child to relieve out 
of stress,that can ruin their mental ability and healthy body in

The most delightful moment ever to a woman is to become a 
mother of a healthy child.Families honor and happiness doubles
with this grace.Mother loves to bare her baby in her womb for 9 
months happily even though many pains she gets...yet she 
admires to accept them, to see her baby with her eyes...!!
What a delight !!!
When it is time to raise that beautiful innocent baby into a child....
why does not a mother take few seconds.... to look into her child's
innocent...helpless looks,if the child would give little pain to her not listening to her words regarding few constructive 
concepts.Why does a mother manhandle or use abuse language
to punish her own child most aggressively,though repents later...
immensely. The pain in child's heart and fear in child's mind 
will be under conflict.Though children mingle around happily as
they forgive and forget easily, children often loose their
self-confidence and self-expression.Innocent hearts always 
struggle and submit themselves for affection of their loving mother.
Think about this .......
If it is injustice to manhandle a woman or man,where law exist to punish as intelligent woman/man could report with her/his mental and physical strength to fight against punish the accuser,where could a child seek help when his/her own mother/father manhandle.Innocent child could do nothing, than to shout out for pain and fear from his/her own mother or father.

Father loves to take wonderful care of his child.He would love to 
spend his complete annual income if necessary upon his child's 
future.Child's career is the basic concept for him to live.What a 
responsibility!!It is worthy and wonderful to see !!!
If a father could spend so much of time to earn just to see a smile
on his child's face and to buy every thing according to his kids taste.
Then,why does a father punish a child severely  when other things in 
his life makes him irritate.Why doesn't he make time to find out what
 his child needs and feels.Abusive words,aggressive acts  and 
manhandling the child is the most uncivilized culture and its action,
reflect on child's physical and mental functions.

Parents can no longer create a good example to the management at
school.Therefore,educate yourself to develop immense interest and 
responsibility to give bright future to your own loving child with peace 
of mind and assurance to live a stress less happy life.
There are many laws that are functioning successfully to relieve 
children from child abuse...but unfortunately,it is unable to reach
at the door steps to stop child abuse from their respective loving

Yes!!Parents do not have any right to punish their children.
You have right to counsel them again and again,by teaching 
moral values and ethics with strong mind and loving heart.

Remember...!!! Parents are the role models for their own children.
Precious innocent children....they are your future..!!!Please take 
care of them with love. 
-Hazel Shirley-

Note :Dear Reader,
                                  If you are against child abuse .....,
Do share a comment on this post,that you condemn in support to stop
" Child Abuse."

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