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Thursday, 21 June 2012


The beauty or the attraction of a person depends upon one's physical
 personality.Now-a-days people are aware of their health concepts
 and concerned about maintaining their ideal weight.Neither obese
 body nor extreme lean body looks pleasing or pleasant.To maintain
 ideal weight is good for health and wins physical appreciation by 
 everyone.It enables one to live with self-confidence.

Parents often struggle around their loving kids to help them complete
their meal.It is extremely hard to make children understand the 
importance of nutritive diet.Lack of time and obedience in children
cause stress to rule around evoking  negative emotions.
Therefore,it is the responsibility of the parents to teach constructive
manners to consume food in manageable procedure. 

Best foods to build muscle :

1.Water :
Drinking adequate water keep your muscles fully hydrated
and your metabolism works better and gives your body a way to 
transport fat molecules out of your body.If you are not hydrated enough
your muscle cells will release the water in them to maintain normal 
water levels in your blood.Therefore,water is an essential element to
build muscle.

2.Soy Protein :
It is a great substitute for animal protein sources.Soy provides a 
complete protein which the body needs to build muscle and does
not consist saturated fat which is common in animal sources.
A glass of Soy milk or a small bowl, of boiled Soy seeds at breakfast 
is good for health and builds healthy muscle too.

3.Cottage cheese and Oat meal :
Ready made cheese need no preparation and helps promote an 
increase in lean muscle mass.It serves as good choice for breakfast
with the combination of whole wheat bread or Rotis made from whole 
wheat flour.Oat meal is rich in fiber and helps in body metabolism
well.It also serves as good breakfast.Oats can be given to kids in the 
form of cakes,biscuits,puddings and flakes.

4.Non-vegetarian foods to build muscle :
Fish,lean meat [bone less],Chicken breast, Egg whites(seven 
minutes boiled are advisable.)
All the above foods are not only great for body building but can
also provide a long lasting energy that are best for Lunch.

5.Protein Shakes :
They are the best and popular choice of body builders for 
decades.2 meals a day are advisable as they have healthy fat
and complex carbohydrates that are easy to make and carry too.
Taking them in the morning, at breakfast time and in evening snack 
time are advisable.

6.Beans family :
They are great source of protein with out high fat.
Lentils,Black beans,kidney beans are good to consume in lunch.
Light food and easy digestible foods are always good at dinner.

7.Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits :
Dark green vegetables are on the high volume end of the 
vegetable scale.Lettuces,Spinach,Chard,Asparagus,Broccoli,
Cabbage are mostly advisable.They are rich in minerals and 
roots out iron deficiency.Fruits are higher in sugars than vegetables.
Grape fruits,oranges that are rich in vitamin C are always advisable
 to all age groups to maintain immunity in the body.Apples,berries,
pine apple,strawberry are most preferable.Minerals and vitamins 
are very essential to body.

Balanced diet with all the nutrients help our body to maintain well
with physical and mental health. It compliments with beautiful
personality as well.Therefore,avail time to keep your-self healthy
in all respects, to live a happy stress less life.

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