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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


'Happiness if the art of making a bouquet of those flowers with in reach.'
                                                                        -Bob Goddard-
In want of name, fame, success, money and true identity man wander from place to place all around the world. If it does not exist in ones mind we would not have achieved so much of success in the welfare of mankind in all respects.
Yes, every individual needs success .The earnest hope of every human being is to make their life ideal .It is to lead life with perfection which is an honorable quality .Every person should respect to inculcate truthfulness, courtesy, dignity of labor and patriotism .Above all to strive hard to achieve their ambition.

At the end of the day, every individual would wander for peace and self satisfaction .Loneliness is the one cause that literally ruins the physical and mental health of a person .Social group and interaction with loving people always should be established to make your mind to enjoy by itself.

The most existing fact to stay alone is physical appearance and social status .It is very common that people with dark complexion, lack of good personalities avoid social meetings, get together functions and parties. In want of beauty and money most beautiful people would also go ahead with plastic surgeries to appear even more beautiful .

One should learn to love the way they are created .Love yourself as you are .Never complain nor feel sorry because the real beauty is in your thoughts and deeds which gives you satisfaction and useful for the society .It gives you peace of mind and health to your body which does not give any stress.
For example: If this question is asked to the whole world to answer as:
Which of these two women are more beautiful?
And the options given would be (1) Mother Theresa, (2) Miss Universe…
Then, most of the world would choose non other than Mother Theresa for her divine beauty.

When you are alone ask yourself whether you appreciate these two important views:

Love yourself as one of the beautiful creation made by your creator .Never tease or complain about yourself in your mind because perfection is the quality which comes from your character and interests.

Expressiveness is the one true fact which keeps the mind and heart healthy. Always think well, and follow it with self-respective, perfect, confident mind. It ensures to relieve you from stress that causes tension, fear, and anger. It’s always admirable to stay the way you want, to make yourself healthy physically and mentally.

'Years wrinkle the face,but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul'.
                                                            - Watterson -

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