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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Jealousy arises from a lack of confidence, not in others, but in oneself.
- Eugene Cloutier -

           Jealousy is an outgrowth of anger. When the affection he wants is shared by another in the family, comparison leads to jealousy. The oldest child is more jealous than others. The competition increases jealousy. 

We watch these behavioral problems in the children.

They are-


2. Irritability.

3. Moodiness.

4. Impatience.

5. Feelings of insecurity.

6. Feelings of inferiority.

7. Inability to pay attention.

8. Inability to complete the work.

9. Aggressiveness.

10. Discouragement.

Tips to overcome jealousy in the children:

1.The family is the first institution of social interaction, that plays an important role in the process of maintaining and promoting the mental health of any individual.

2. If the parents do not interfere too much in deciding for their children, they develop independent and responsible thinking, make decisions out of their capacities and assume responsibilities.They can solve their problems.

3. If parents treat their children equally with out any gender bias or any bias, children develop respect and justice apart from the feelings of equality.

4. Love and affection of the parents add to their security and strength to be practical and participate in every life situation they come across with.

5. If the parents maintain cordial relationships with mutual respect, that creates an atmosphere for the development of self esteem in the children along with the concern and care for others.

6. Parents inculcate moral values basically. If they lack moral values, they can't expect them on the part of their children.

7. The Sibling relationships, sharing and caring each other apart from their quarrels due to intimacy develop in them co-operative and friendly nature.

8.The family environment free from all types of anxiety and uncivilized tensions among the members promotes secure feeling among the children.

9. The satisfactory meeting of the physiological and psychological needs of children give less place for frustrations and promotes tendency to their harmonious development.

10. If the family members do not project their wishes on to children and ambitiously expect their children to achieve, then the child picks self-interest and checks up the capability. The child develops the individual ability and strives to accomplish the tasks and reaches the set goals.

Always assure confidence in your children and they will trust you as they receive your unconditional love with moral values in the life.

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